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Franchising Resources

Because franchising can be such a great opportunity for veterans seeking to start a business, we’ve assembled a number of great franchising resources here. If you’d like to add to the list, feel free to reach out. We don’t accept every site submitted, but we’ll certainly check out what you have to offer.

General Franchising Resources

Before you buy any franchise (and perhaps even before you start seriously shopping around), check out these useful resources below. Franchising can be a dangerous industry, especially when you’re gambling with your life savings. Learn so you don’t get burned.

Low Cost Franchises

Generally speaking, a low-cost franchise is any franchise that costs less than $100k to start. Most low-cost franchises are less than $50k, and some, like Jazzercise, can be under $10k. Very often, low-cost franchises are service oriented. Businesses that don’t require large amounts of specialized equipment are often more affordable, as are home-based franchises.


Restaurant Franchises

Maybe you’ve always dreamed of running your own restaurant. If that’s the case, restaurant franchising might be for you. It removes much of the difficulty in setup and gives you a ready-made brand to run with. There are restaurant franchises to suit all kinds of taste, whether you’re a strict vegetarian or a greasy burger lover.



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