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Veterans Succeeding in Todays Marketplace

It has been said time and time again, that a Veteran’s work ethic, is much greater than a civilian’s.  Though training, and experience, they know what hard work and dedication can bring to them.  After coming home from active duty, so many of today’s Veteran’s find themselves sitting at home unemployed in today’s tight job market.  Now more than ever, these Veteran’s are turning to self employment, and entrepreneurship to make ends meet, and are becoming highly successful in the process.

After former Marine Staff Sgt. Chris Cassese, the fifth member of his family to enlist in the Military, was honorably discharged from the Marine Corps, he drew unemployment for three month before finally finding employment.  Starting out as an employee of Viking Pest control, he quickly began to become interested in the business.   Taking a little over five years, he obtained his general commercial pesticides applicator license with a sub-category in wood destroying pests, and Semper Fi pest control was born.  Now a successful business, with a loyal customer base, Chris has no plans of expansion.  Though he has said if expansion was ever an option, he would hire other transitioning Veterans as a help to others like himself.

Barry Hill, 36, and his wife Maranda, 34, have been stationed on bases from Hawaii to Georgia to their current base of Camp Pendleton in Southern California, the U.S. Marine Corps couple endured four deployments before Hill was wounded in Afghanistan. Now, after being forced into an early retirement they had to find another way of life.  Noticing that there was a shortage of free standing ice machines on the West Coast, they quickly stepped in to help fill that void.  The Hills opened their first unit on the San Onofre Beach near Camp Pendelton and have approval for soon adding three more on the base, as well as other locales. The couple’s goal is to expand to 20 machines on various bases.  After looking into car washes and the like the Hill’s were always drawn back to Ice House of America,  a business model that allows the couple to be self-employed while still living and maintaining their lifestyle.

And so it has been proven again, that Veteran’s are able to run a successful business, in part, thanks to their rigorous training.  These were but two examples of innumerable Veteran’s succeeding in business.  It can be done, and Veteran’s are supplied with the knowledge of knowing just what hard work can do for someone.


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